come to life

Velvet reinvents presentations for iPad.
Built around images, not slides.
With effortless gestures that let you fly through your points.
And intuitive animations to show exactly what you mean.

Present your ideas, stories, experiences in your rhythm. You’ll see, Velvet is magic in your hands.

Add rhythm
to your ideas

Build stories, one point at a time.
When you present, simply swipe through your points.

Points, Not Bullet Points

In Velvet, every point has something to show. Add some text if you want and you’re done. Say goodbye to endless lists of bullet points.

Always in Sync With You

No matter how fast or slow you go, Velvet matches your pace. With swipe and zoom, you already know everything you need to get going.

By Design, Nothing to Design

Add an image and the design adapts itself naturally, so you can focus on what you want to say. Never again waste a minute designing slides.


come together
as stories

Photos, Sketches, Graphs, Maps, Screenshots – nothing feels out of place. Just drop in all your content and watch your story take shape.

Mix and Match Everything

Drag images into Velvet from websites, emails, messages, iCloud Drive, Dropbox and other apps. Or just take a screenshot – every part of an idea feels right at home in Velvet.

Visual Aid at Your Fingertips

When words aren’t enough, the right image is just a tap away in your Velvet presentation.

Stories in a Snap

Whether you’re putting together quick drafts or polished ideas, with Velvet you instantly have a story ready to present.

Made in Microsoft OneNote
Rendered in Autodesk Fusion 360
  • Meeting Notes

    Import from your favorite productivity apps
    and get everyone on the same page
  • Class Presentation

    Make great presentations that are
    easy to create and easy to follow
  • Travel Diary

    Be the tour guide and
    share your most special moments

don’t just tell

Highlight what you want to show. Velvet magically zooms in to direct attention to your points. Everything animates intuitively.

Works Like a Camera

Capture a big area or a tiny detail of an image with a single gesture. It’s as easy as taking a snapshot.

Adapts to Every Point

Mark a single spot or highlight a specific region. Add some text when context is needed. Velvet presents each point in the best light.

Naturally Animated

Velvet animates your points smoothly to make them easy to follow. Watch your story come alive with no extra work.


or stick
to the script

You always see a peek of what’s next, so you never forget where you are. Jump between slides, zoom into details, change your story live without skipping a beat.

Change Course Anytime

Answer questions from the audience and revisit any point without getting lost. Add a missing point or even rearrange your story live. No need to pause.

Switch Perspectives

Zoom to see small details or the big picture at any time. When you’re done, get right back to where you left off with a single tap.

Always Know What’s Next

The Storybar at the bottom and subtle previews left and right give you a peek at what’s next, so you’ll never lose your thread.

On the spot,
any spot

With Velvet and iPad, you always have your presentations with you. And most of the time, that’s all the setup you need.

Audiences of One to One Hundred

You are always ready to give a personal presentation using only your iPad. For bigger audiences, simply use AirPlay or a cable to throw your presentation up on the big screen.

Ready When You Are

Because your presentations are stored on your iPad, Velvet never makes you wait for anything to download. Your presentations are just one tap away.

Your Choice of Eyes Only

On your device, your presentations are private until you decide to lift the curtain.

Whatever you have to say,
show it with Velvet

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